Welcome to Autex 2014

December 30, 2015

We’re happy to declare that, following a 13th AUTEX meeting in Dresden in 2013, the 14th AUTEX World Linen Meeting is likely to be kept in Bursa, a being the linen manufacturing middle of Poultry, between 26th and 28th of May 2014. The AUTEX Conference has an exceptional chance and ideal medical environment to create together the professionals, analysts, industrialists, specialists, technicians and pupils from colleges, research organizations and business from Europe and all around the globe to provide and examine the most recent medical and technical accomplishments on textile and apparel engineering, textile supplies, new systems in linen, style and advertising. The AUTEX World Sheet Meeting is a great chance for the individuals to meet up with first class experts and scientists. This starts up the best way to the near future worldwide medical assistance and operating together in combined medical and technical tasks.


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December 30, 2015

1st option: By Bus

When you arrive at Bursa Bus Terminal, you can take bus number 96 to go to Kırcı Hotel, Kervansaray Thermal Hotel, Almira Hotel, Karakaya Hotel and Merinos Ataturk Congress and Culture Center.


Plenary Session Speakers

Prof. Dr. Dominique Adolphe, ENSISA, France
Electrospinning development at LPMT from the basic to innovative products

Prof. Dr. Paul Kiekens, Ghent University, Belgium
Nanoparticles for Textiles and Textile Manufacturing


General Information

Dates and Venue

Congress will be held between May 26th and 28th 2014 in Merinos Ataturk Congress and Culture Center, Bursa / Turkey.


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